About Knuckels Heaven

The Knuckles Heaven Nature Resort situated amidst green surroundings and offering warm hospitality to its guests... overlooking the misty Knuckles mountain ranges where time stands still and nature invites you to unwind in the peace and tranquility of the region from where you can enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of greenery and spend your holiday in solitude.

It’s surrounded by acres of Alladeniya private tea plantation and Hulu ganga river passing through close by make it an exotic vacationing experience in wilderness. Enjoy the views of dramatic mountains and thermal springs nature from the rooms with large bay windows. The bungalow have 2 private rooms with common areas, gardens, verandahs and terraces.

Spacious living area, Fire place etc. with panoramic scenery stretching as far as the eye can see, it’s no wonder knuckles heaven will become the dream destination of many Travelers. It’s the perfect backdrop for your own adventure too. Go river bathing, hiking or trekking, Cycling, camp out/ have your meals in the compound there’s plenty to keep you busy.